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All students have a uniform based on their class level.  The dance uniform allows the student to fully participate in class. Dance clothes encourage freedom of movement and allow the teacher to see the student’s alignment and make corrections as necessary; a key element to improvement. All uniform items are available for purchase at the Front Desk. For pricing and uniform questions, please inquire at the Front Desk.

**Students must have proper dance attire and shoes in order to participate.**

Level I Level II  Level III Level IV Adult
Pink Unitard Nude Tights Pink Unitard Nude Tights Black Leotard Black Tights Black Leotard Pink Tights

Black Tights

Workout Gear
Pink Ballet Slippers Pink Ballet Slippers Pink Ballet Slippers Pink Ballet Slippers Sneakers (Zumba)
Nude Tap Shoes Nude Tap Shoes Black Tap Shoes Bare Foot (Modern) Lapa(African)
Lapa(African) Lapa(African) Lapa(African) Lapa(African) Bare Foot(Modern, African, Afro-Caribbean)