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Students of AbunDance Academy of the Arts have many opportunities to perform including our annual Winter Gala and our annual June Concert. Our Winter Gala, held annually the last Saturday in January, is a showcase where all students get to present all the work they learned from the start of the semester in September. Students present material from each of their classes in their AbunDance uniform and all parents, immediate and extended family have the opportunity to see the hard work and specific details of each dance discipline.

Our annual June Concert is our yearly production and all students present choreography learned throughout the year. Housed in a big theatre, with lights and a big stage, students perform in costumes. A costume is required for each piece performed and there is a costume fee for each class the student attends. A 50% deposit is due the second Saturday in March and a final deposit is due the second Saturday in May.


Class Name Number of Costumes Cost per costume Total (Estimated)
Level I 3 $65.00 $195.00
Level II 4 $65.00 $260.00
Level III 3-5 $75.00 $225.00 – 375.00
Level IV 3-4 $75.00 $225.00 – 300.00