• 90 Sullivan Place Brooklyn, NY 11225
  • 347-788-1069
  • info@abundancearts.org

At AbunDance Academy of the Arts, we are committed to providing programs and services reinforcing the principle “In Abundance, there’s Dance”. As the Lefferts Gardens’ leading nonprofit dance education organization, we believe each ADA student has the right to:

  1. Expect high quality dance education experiences.
  2. A welcoming atmosphere at ADA studio location.
  3. Clean and safe spaces.
  4. Assistance from all ADA staff with any questions or concerns about classes or purchases.
  5. Access to all ADA rules and regulations.
  6. To be heard fairly and receive quick and reasonable responses regarding questions and concerns.


Before registering for a class, please review our Student Guidelines.

  1. Students arriving more than 10 minutes after class has started will not be admitted in the class.
  2. All students must sign in before entering class.
  3. All shoe soles must be clean before entering class.
  4. ADA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. ADA and its instructors are not liable for injuries sustained on the premises.
  6. ADA classes are subject to cancellation or change of time, location, teacher or substitution based on management discretion.
  7. Filming and/or photography of any sort are not permitted at any time.
  8. No animals are permitted on the premises except identified service animals.
  9. Food and/or gum are not permitted in the studios. Bottled water is acceptable.
  10. Children in waiting areas must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.
  11. Emergency closings are posted on our Website and announced in our Monthly Newsletters
  12. All classes may be observed outside of the studio only.
  13. For the safety of your child, please be on time to pick up your child.
  14. Adults and siblings must remain in the waiting area during class. Parents can observe class during designated events such as Open House Week in March.
  15. All students are required to attend every class, be prompt and participate on a regular basis in order to perform.
  16. In order to participate in any classes held at AbunDance Academy of the Arts, all students must sign a Liability Waiver. Waivers can be found at the front desk and online on the MindBodyOnline website.

Adult Program Guidelines

  1. Adult dance classes and programs are either offered on a drop-in basis (start any time), or an enrollment basis (for a particular period of time).
  2. ADA requires a minimum of 3 paying students for an adult drop-in class to run.
  3. Students must be at least 18 years of age to take adult classes.
  4. Students under the age of 18 must obtain studio management approval before taking adult classes.
  5. ADA management reserves the right to remove or bar any student from class due to disorderly conduct or disruptive behavior.
  6. Students must sign a Liability Waiver before taking class. Please notify the front desk if you have any concerns about physical problems or injuries. Always work at your own pace.