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AbunDance Academy 

AbunDance Academy of the Arts is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide stellar arts programming to students who seek enrichment within the AbunDance that all of the Arts provide. We foster a nurturing environment that emphasizes a well- rounded and thorough approach to the Arts, and more importantly, to Life.


With a healthy and robust curriculum, we offer specialized classes in Dance, Audition Prep, as well as Adult Fitness and Aerial Yoga. Our diverse faculty roster includes highly skilled teaching artists who are passionate about their artistry and the budding artistry of each and every student that attends classes here at AbunDance Academy of the Arts. Conveniently located in Prospect Heights/ Lefferts Gardens, AbunDance Academy gives our students/ clients the opportunity to explore their passions without having to travel to another borough or neighborhood.

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