Safety Protocols

Here are the AbunDance Protocols we will be adhering to during In-Person Classes:

Firstly, Only Students Will be Allowed in the Lobby, Studios and Bathrooms.

Studio A - 10 students Maximum

Studio B - 7 Students Maximum

  • Upon entering and exiting the studio, AbunDance Staff will perform temperature checks for all students. 

  • Only students will be allowed in the space. Students will enter through the main lobby and exit out of one of the Studio Doors.

  • Students must show up to the Front Door dressed in their uniform and can place their small dance bags in a locker number that they will use 

  • Only 1 small snack and water will be allowed. 

  • MASKS are mandatory on the AbunDance premises.

  • SAFE SOCIAL DIS-DANCE: Students will dance in their floor spots and engage in exercises that are stationary. 

  • Students will have 15 minute breaks between each dance discipline (both on Zoom and in person).

  • While in person, students will be allowed to take off their masks only to drink their water and eat their snack during the specific break time.

  • In each studio there will be Air Purifying Systems and Medical Grade Air Filters for all of the HVAC units.

  • All Surfaces will be Cleaned Multiple Times Daily. There will be a 10 - 15 minute grace period in between each Level of students during which all Studios and Bathrooms will be sanitized. 

  • ABUNDANCE IS CASH-LESS and PAPERLESS. Only electronic payments will be accepted via Auto-Pay