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Safety Protocols

Here are the AbunDance Protocols we will be adhering to during In-Person Classes:

Firstly, Only Students Will be Allowed in the Lobby, Studios and Bathrooms.

  •  Instruction: AbunDance Academy will be operating using an In-person instruction in accordance with the most Current CDC guidelines with the exception of scheduled and/or emergency closures, all other classes will be held remotely, using the Zoom platform. In the event of city-mandated, state-mandated or other emergency COVID-19-related closure, classes will be fully remote for the indicated duration.

  • Strict studio capacity: In order to allow for adequate physical distance between students during in-person instruction, the following maximum capacity numbers have been applied:

    • Studio A - 20 students 

    • Studio B - 8 Students

  • COVID-19 Screening Declaration: All registered students are required to have a completed COVID-19 Screening Declaration. We trust each member of the AbunDance family to complete and adhere to this declaration with integrity, to ensure the continued safety of our close-knit community. By completing and submitting the COVID-19 Screening Declaration, families are committing to monitoring and screening their child for COVID-19-related symptoms before leaving home to attend in-person classes. Should the student meet any of the below listed criteria, the student should be kept at home and reported absent:

    • Chills/Fever 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher 

    • Sore throat, congestion or runny nose

    • New or worsening cough that causes difficulty breathing. [Cough above baseline for children with chronic allergies or asthmatic cough]

    • Diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.

    • Onset of severe headache, especially with fever

    • Fatigue, muscle or body aches

    • Loss of taste or smell

    • Had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 10 minute) with a person confirmed positive in the past 14 days)

    • Received a positive result on a COVID-19 test in the past 14 days

    • Traveled internationally or from a state with widespread community transmission of COVID-19 (per New York State Travel Advisory) in the past 14 days

A copy of the included Screening Tool is available for download or print  at

  • Temperature checks: Temperature checks are required for anyone seeking entry to AbunDance Academy. For Abundance students and staff, temperature checks will be performed to secure entry and upon exit. Anyone who registers a fever, will not be allowed entry. Where a high temperature is registered upon exit, the parents will be informed. Without compromising the privacy of the feverish student, all families of students who shared the studio with that student will be informed of potential exposure to illness and be asked to continuously monitor their child(ren) for any signs of illness for 14 days. 

  • Only students and staff on premises: Only students and staff will be allowed in the space. Parents should wait to ensure that their child is permitted entry prior to departure.

  • Controlled traffic flow: Students will enter through the main lobby and exit out of one of the Studio Doors. 

  • Come dressed ready to dance: Students must arrive dressed in their uniform. 

  • Travel only with what you need: Each student will be assigned a small locker for their personal use in which they can place a small dance bag, snack and water bottle. Students should travel only with the shoes and clothing necessary for their classes, a small healthy snack and water. 

  • Masks are mandatory:  The most recent science and guidelines recommend that masks are the most effective line of defense against the spread of COVID-19, particularly in indoor spaces. Masks are required on the AbunDance premises. Masks should be reusable 2-3 ply fabric masks or disposable medical masks, as aligned with guidelines provided by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Students should be prepared to remain masked except for designated, physically distanced snack/water breaks. AbunDance Academy will have masks available for purchase should a student’s mask be deemed not in compliance, or become soiled or otherwise unusable during class. Students should carry an extra mask, which could be used should the mask that they are wearing become soiled or otherwise unusable. Where a student's mask is deemed not in compliance or becomes otherwise unusable during, and the student does not have a compliant alternative mask, the student will be issued an AbunDance mask and the student’s account will be charged accordingly.

  • Designated breaks: Students will have 10-15 minute breaks between each dance discipline (both on Zoom and in person).

  • SAFE SOCIAL DIS-DANCE: Students will dance in their floor spots. There will be no partnering, traveling across the floor or holding hands.

  • Attention to hand hygiene: Extra attention will be given to ensure that students and staff are practicing the best hand hygiene possible. All entrants to AbunDance Academy premises are required to sanitize their hands on entry. Hand-sanitizing stations are available for use at all entries/exits, near restrooms, and within each studio.

  • Air purification: Air purifying systems with medical grade HEPA air filters are installed in each studio.

  • Extra surface cleaning: All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned multiple times daily. Specific attention will be given to sanitizing bathrooms after student use. In addition, studios and bathrooms will be sanitized between each Level of instruction as an additional safety measure. 

  • Advance electronic payments only:  AbunDance in cashless and paperless. Only electronic payments will be accepted and tuition will be charged via Auto-Pay.

  • AbunDance Academy of the Arts, Inc.  reserves the right to amend these protocols as needed throughout the course of the teaching year as becomes necessary to improve the quality, safety and security of our service.

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