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Digital arts

Arts in a Digital World: A Digital AbunDance Afterschool experience.  

Afterschool with AbunDance is an afterschool program that puts dance performance, entertainment technology and digital arts at the forefront of artistic, academic and entrepreneurial development and expression. The program provides students with in- depth classes in Dance, Performing Arts History, Choreography, Health/Fitness and Performance. It also marries the Arts with instruction and practice in digital videography, sound design, editing and video presentation.


Students will learn the fundamentals of Ballet, African and Hip-Hop, complemented with  strength training and conditioning Students will also develop and apply use of  sound applications, digital imaging applications, and production/publicity applications to enable them to develop a digital portfolio. Students will also be equipped with the experience and skills needed to pursue these endeavours in an increasingly digital world.


At the culmination of the program, there will be a virtual performance showcase where students will display their improved skills in the arts and their expanded creativity and knowledge of the Performing Arts, Digital Arts and Entertainment technology for creating a digital portfolio. The entire Afterschool with AbunDance experience will guide students to connect their dance and performance skills to that of their academic, artistic and overall life pursuits.

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