Description of Activities: 

With our annual Summer Arts intensive, AbunDance Academy will provide students with in-depth classes in Dance, Vocal,  Choreography, Health/ Fitness and Theatre Performance. For four weeks (July 5th, 2022 to July 29th, 2022), students will learn  the fundamentals of Acro-Dance, Afro-Beat, Hip-Hop, Acting, Yoga/Meditation and Gymnastics. Conducted inside and outside  in our Huge Backyard space, Students will also explore and develop the ability to connect their dance and performance skills to  that of their academic, artistic and overall life pursuits. Each day will begin at 8am and end at 3:30 pm (late pick-up options  available at additional cost). Attached is a detailed schedule for the four weeks. In addition to the fitness and dance classes, there  will also be opportunities to learn about Sustainability with Composting, Planting and Healthy Cooking Classes.



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When the  opportunities arise, we will also take field trips, participate in Master Classes with renowned Performing Artists and  Choreographers, and attend FREE dance concerts (Virtually or In-Person) throughout the city. At the culmination of the summer  intensive, there will be a small performance showcase where students will display their improved skills in the arts and their  expanded creativity and knowledge of the Performing Arts. 


The total cost of the program is $2000. For new registrants, there is a $50 registration fee. On  average, each day there are 4-5 performing arts classes, with each dance class valuing $12 (per  child). A la Carte Weekly Packages are available for $500 per week. 


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